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Congratulations to Eric Amorena, the 2019 RMWQAA Analyst of the Year!!

Eric has been committed to the Parker Water and Sanitation District's (PWSD) Water Quality Laboratory for over 20 years. Some background on Eric, he served in the Marines, he speaks French, and began his career at PWSD as an Analyst/Operator. He leads the District’s metals program, running a Perkin-Elmer ICP-MS. Eric’s expertise in metals analysis played an essential role in the District’s Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), Optimal Corrosion Control Technique Study that was completed and submitted to CDPHE in February of 2019. For this study alone, Eric ran over 1000 metals samples. In addition to the study, Eric plays a key role for the District’s 2x/year LCR monitoring frequency among other ongoing monitoring programs. Eric has also been involved with troubleshooting PWSDs cutting-edge Ceramic-Membrane Filtration Treatment Plant. Eric also assists operations in monitoring their membrane cleaning process in order to minimize Iron and Manganese fouling.

In addition to his technical expertise, Eric helps PWSD in a number of other capacities. Eric has facilitated training events with the Water Operations staff in order to promote professional development across the organization. He’s been seen out on the party barge collecting reservoir samples. When needed, he’s willing to collect wastewater samples. Eric also leads the Laboratory’s Q12 follow-up in improving engagement within the team. Overall, Eric has been an outstanding member of the PWSD Laboratory and the Industry, and is very much deserving of this award.      

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