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Congratulations to Lisa Allen, the 2021 RMWQAA Analyst of the Year!!

Meet Lisa Allen, the 2021 Analyst of the Year. Lisa is an integral part of the laboratory at South Platte Renew (SPR) from developing paperless systems within their LIMS to day-to-day analysis. She has incredible organizational skills and keeps everything running seamlessly. She is constantly improving her already functional systems to be current with any new software and equipment. She truly is one-of-a kind- part Chemist, part IT, part administrative genius. 

When the SPR LIMS company announced new functions of their software Lisa was quick to implement them into the daily routine. She worked countless hours (without decreasing her regular workload) as the IT contact. She was available to answer everyone's questions, relieve concerns, and change anything that wasn't useful. 

Lisa is an excellent trainer. Even when the SPR staff was down to only having two Chemists at a time, three days a week early in the covid pandemic, she fully trained new staff on all analyses in only a couple of months.  Anyone who has trained others knows that it takes twice as long to do any analysis when explaining to the newbie. Lisa was able to train AND make sure all the other laboratory work was done. Talk about a superwoman!  And, this was on top of installing and implementing a new Dionex IC, BOD machines, and software. Whew! Nice work Lisa!! You are well deserving of this award! 

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